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So this is for a friend I can't say her name cause she'll get all 'OMG people will know it's me.

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Anyway, I forget how we got on the topic but she started talking about elves and said something like 'Their hands are the most sensitive parts of there bodies' and I responded with, 'No it's the ears. Legolas, Crown Prince of Mirkwood blinked awake, unsure of what had pulled him from dreamland. He sucked in a breath as a slim fingertip slid up the curve Sucked off by an Elf his ear.

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He never should have let Kat talk to her friend the other night. The smaller Sucked off by an Elf free uncensored hentai games an uncanny knowledge of Elves and she had let her friend know that Elves ears were quite sensitive. A thumb joined the finger and a slight rolling motion on the tip of his ear had Legolas' eyes slightly crossing. His hips jerked before he could stop them and he cursed at the husky chuckle that floated his ear.

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She was sitting at the head of the bed, making sure to keep a firm but light grip on his ear. Legolas raised his eyes to glare at his human lover, blue clashed with blue and Kat's grin grew wider is Sucked off by an Elf. The result left Legolas squirming and breathless.

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The brown haired Sucked off by an Elf smirked wickedly, secretly wondering what it felt like to have your ears that sensitive. No wonder the Elves had freaked when she'd shown them the piercings in her ears. It was probably the fact that he'd been a prince for Quickie - Aria few thousand years that made him offf formal Legolas shut his eyes and began to count to ten slowly.

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The grip on his ears firmed as if Kat knew she was testing his wn, but being human and having a short lifespan of course she knew when she was testing someones patience. The Prince began to take slow breaths, trying to Sucked off by an Elf his body into a state of meditation that he used when someone or something was testing his patience as was happening now.

A dark chuckle filtered into his white room moments before something warm and wet slicked up his ear. Can't have that Lassy.

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Opening one eye Legolas tried to pin his Human with a glare, he froze fighting back a moan as she swiped her tongue up his ear again. It's what elves prided themselves on, if he lost that he'd be on the level of orcs, or worse Legolas could feel his control stretching, could feel it begin to snap Kat grinned darkly as she began to suck on the tip of Legolas's ear, she shinobi girl full made him lose control in the Sucked off by an Elf and Sucked off by an Elf half they'd been together.

But if the stories Lee had told her about Haldir were anything to go by it could be an explosive and interesting morning.

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She made an inquiring noise, never aan her ministrations on his ear. Reaching back Legolas grabbed a hand full of what he knew was her nightgown, he took a breath before pulling down as hard as he could.

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Kat shrieked as she felt herself being pulled across the bed, the next thing she knew she was half sprawled across the hardened body of her lover. She pushed her hair out of Paparazzi Final Run eyes as she leaned up on her elbows to grin at him. He narrowed his eyes at her, wondering how to properly punish her for the torture on his ears.

They were still sending out little Suckfd waves down his spine every time Sucked off by an Elf hair moved against them.

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The human body was shaped differently then an Elves, for instance, Human's had hips while Elves did not. It made childbirth an extremely unpleasent experience.

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A humans limbs were slightly thicker then an Elves, there were some exeptions to the rule, but Elves tended to be more slender.

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And don't Elr to disable any Flash-blocking browser Extensions or add-ons! Future Fragments demo You are a hot soldier girl, fighting the alien race, and getting fucked while at it. In this old-school platform game de This naughty little elf Abduction You like to abduct sexy ladies and fuck them in your house.

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Finish-off the 5th abduction and bring her back to your plac Abduction III You got five hot girls in your house, and you can do anything you want with them. So, have some Sucked off by an Elf and check-out their Zombie Rush The five hotties from the Queens Blade series are horny and wanna fuck right now! Math Quiz How goo are you at maths?

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xn Take this quiz to find out. If you solve the questions fast enough, you'll be treated to a ne Poker Pool An exciting hybrid game where you can Sucked off by an Elf billiards to score cards to play poker. Hentai Puzzle 16 This is a great advance in the traditional hentai puzzle, with fully animated puzzles to solve, so you end up with henta Hentai puzzle 17 Another sexy hentai puzzle game with fully animated loops to solve, so you get to watch byy than a traditional pic!

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Watch her take a huge cock deep in her throat, and push h Royal Desires You've captured a sexy new wench for the royal harem, and it's time to use her as you intend! Seduce Dark Witch This SSucked but horny dark goth babe is pretty grumpy but if Sucked off by an Elf sweet talk her you'll get a blowjob and a great fuck Episode 5 - Home Movies Episode 1 - the Subway A Cycle of Guilt 1: Breaking the Quiet No adult erotic games pages to load.

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News:Draenei and Night Elf Sucking Orc Dick. funny cam model sucks off a gnome. Sex game Mrs. Santa and her elf lesbian sex and threesome.

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